Zaawansowana liga fantasy UCI World Tour

Kolejny sezon dobiega konca.
Od 1. listopada rozpoczynamy aukcje na rok 2014.
The more the merrier, wiec zapraszamy:

Dawno mnie tu nie bylo, ale wciaz gramy dalej! Link bez zmian. Chetnych zapraszam bezposrednio na ProFSL i prosze o kontakt juz tam. Oczywiscie wszystko za friko, zabawa jak sie patrzy! Niestety znajomosc angielskiego obowiazkowa, wiec dalej juz po ichniemu:

We kicked off in 2012, and we grew every year since. Let me start the 2018 recruiting early!

We’re coming back stronger than ever. A community of 20 fantastic personalities, and always looking for more cycling die-hards to join us on the dark side, participating in one or more of our fantasy leagues. On the menu in 2018:

  • UCI WorldTour aka the main league: big teams, long contracts, neo-pro draft, 500 auctions every November.

  • Rainbow Cup: straight up snake draft of all cyclists, but their price is fixed based on past results.

  • Country Roads: not one, but nine drafts, as all riders get divided into separate pools: sprinters, puncheurs, GC men etc.

  • Quick Fix: a series of 5 mini-leagues (cobbles, Ardennes, 3x GT) where you have to guess the next dominant force some weeks before the proceedings.

  • Fine Young Cannibals: 2nd year league, focusing on finding fresh talent, a combination of auctions and extensions.

  • Wall Street Cycling: my personal favourite, and the most dynamic out there - the only league where you can make big changes overnight. You auction riders very shortly before every big race, and get rewarded/penalized instantly based on the investment/result ratio.

18 returning teams for 2019, looking for 2 more. The auctions begin on November 1. A tak po swojsku: nowa potega CCC jest do wziecia :slight_smile: